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Tracing Your Genetic Lineage

How much do you know about your ancestors?

Have you ever wondered where your roots originated from? The holiday season is the best time to reunite with family and reminisce about your past. It’s also an opportunity to learn about your ancestry.

ARCpoint Labs of Woburn offers three different ancestry DNA tests:

– DNA Origins
– Paternal Lineage Test
– Maternal Lineage Test

DNA Origins determines the percentage you are from four different population groups: European, Sub-Saharan African, Indigenous American, and East Asian. The Paternal Lineage test uses the Y-chromosomes in the DNA, which are passed from father to son through many generations, in order to reveal the geographic origins of his ancestors. The Maternal Lineage Test uses the mitochondrial DNA, which is only passed down from mother to child through several generations. Both Lineage DNA tests reveal the migration of ancestors on the maternal or paternal line from thousands of years ago.

Let ARCpoint Labs of Woburn help you find the answers you are looking for. To learn more, please call 781-460-6020 to talk with a representative.

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