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It’s Labor Day…The Doctor Will See You Now.

Getting sick doesn’t happen allergy test
on a schedule. With Labor Day approaching, everyone is planning their end of summer activities and most places will be closed, especially doctor’s offices and urgent care clinics. But what happens when you come down with a cold or sinus infection, and your only option is to go to the ER, or suffer through the entire weekend without treatment? So much for a relaxing holiday!

Don’t let an unexpected medical issue derail your Labor Day plans. Instead try ARCpoint MD, which offers a convenient and affordable solution, without the hassle of going to the ER on your day off. ARCpoint MD gives you 24 x 7 x 365 access to board-certified doctors who can diagnose and treat your illness, and call in a prescription if needed.

To sign up or learn more about ARCpoint MD, call 781.460.6020 or visit

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