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Is Your Partner Being Unfaithful?

Are you sinfidelity DNA testinguspicious of marital infidelity? ARCpoint Labs of Woburn offers accurate, reliable, and confidential DNA testing of any samples/objects you would like tested. We will come on-site to collect samples or you can bring them to our lab. Some samples we test include undergarments, bedding, trash, etc.

An infidelity DNA test can be used to identify a suspected stain, such as semen, the gender from the DNA found, and if there is a DNA match to your spouse’s DNA sample. This type of test allows you to determine if your partner has been with another person within the last 7 days. If the sample comes back positive for semen or vaginal fluid, a comparison test can be done against your own DNA sample. This will exclude or include you as the source. If it is not your DNA, there is now proof of infidelity.

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