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How Sure Are You?

Wondering about paternity during pregnancy is common. It is important to determine the biological father of the child to protect the child’s future. It can help establish legal benefits such as insurance and social security. It can also provide an accurate medical history for the child, which may be very important in the future.

A non-invasive prenatal DNA test can be performed in order to determine paternity prior to the birth of the child. A non-invasive prenatal test consists of a simple blood collection from the mother and the alleged father. At 9 weeks of gestation the baby’s DNA can be found in the mother’s blood, which is compared to the genetic DNA profiles of the mother and the alleged father to determine the likelihood of paternity. This type of prenatal test poses no risk to the mother or child and is 99.9% accurate.

ARCpoint Labs of Woprenatal DNA testingburn offers a non-invasive prenatal DNA paternity test allowing you to determine the biological father before the child is born. To schedule a prenatal paternity test or learn more information about it call 781.460.6020 or visit

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