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How Much Money Are You Losing for Every Doctors Visit?

You spend $43 in lost time with every doctor’s visit, according to a recent Boston Globe article. The study in the article estimates that it takes two hours to see a doctor, including transportation, waiting in line, filling out forms and then finally seeing the doctor.  Multiply those two hours by what you would have otherwise earned, and the doctor’s visit is even more expensive than you realized.  Worst of all, the shortest part is the time you spend with the doctor – about 20 minutes or less. A video by Jason Wasfy, MD, of Massachusetts General Physicians Organization, explains why not all doctor visits need to be in person.

Rather than scheduling time off and organizing your schedule around a doctor’s appointment, try ARCpoint MD.  ARCpoint MD is a telehealth service that provides 24 x 7 x 365 access to a U.S. board certified doctor who can diagnose your illness, recommend a treatment, and call in prescriptions to your pharmacy. All you have to do is call at anytime, anywhere.  The average time to reach a doctor is only 16 minutes, which is a lot shorter than 121 minutes. So the next time you need to see a doctor, try ARCpoint MD and save those two hours for yourself.

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