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Did you know…drug testing can be done using a lot more than urine?

While most drug testing is done using urine, a lab can use a wide range of specimen types for testing. Each type has its pros & cons, so it’s important to understand the background of each situation.

Oral fluid: Best for detecting recent use because salivary glands have high blood flow, so drug use can appear in minutes. Almost impossible to cheat.

Blood: Similar to oral fluid, drug use appears in the blood stream quickly. This is the most invasive collection method.

Hair: Best for detecting use over past 90+ days. Hard to cheat.

Nail: Similar to hair, nail testing will detect use several months. Also hard to cheat.

Breath: This detects alcohol that has evaporated into the air of a person’s lungs.

Sweat: Detects drug use from a person’s sweat. A collection patch is applied to the skin, and then covered with a tamper-proof seal. Provides 24×7 monitoring.

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